Bear Paw’s Pepper

24 March 2021

Pepper is a continuation of our Nikki Maternal Line. She is the direct daughter of Vicky, sired by Boot. She is the perfect balance of hunting dog, adventure dog, and all-around family dog. 


Pepper makes every day a little more entertaining. She’s fun to be with and will adapt to the flow of the day. If I’m in the office, she prefers to be inside with me, but if the kids are playing in the yard, she’d prefer to be with them. 

Color & Size

Pepper is a average-sized GSP. She’s 22″ at the shoulder and 48 lbs. She is well-muscled and structurally very sound. She has a little more bone, from Boot, and his heavier build. She’s white & liver, heavily ticked, and the majority of her puppies are heavily ticked, with the potential for a few white pups when bred to a stud like Jaster.

Bird Instinct

Pepper is very birdy. She sees what she wants and she goes after it. She loves to play with the other dogs and is always up for an adventure, either with her four-legged or two-legged friends. 


Pepper is confident and emotionally stable, not much bothers her and she’s fairly easy and go-with-the-flow. She loves to hang out with you, but is content going off to entertain herself. We are please we are able to off the continuation of her lines.

Vicky’s Legacy

Pepper is the continuation of Vicky’s line. She carries the same gentle and loving nature as Vicky. She loves to put her head in your lap, just like Vicky, and she can be a little sneaky if you have a snack she likes. 

Pepper is a wonderful mom, she raises great pups, very healthy. She teaches them good habits and has the wonderful Nikki milk (Nikki passed this high-butterfat milk to her babies, Vicky & Reggie, which we see in their daughters). The higher butterfat gives pups a strong start, with great immunity. 


Pepper has the record for the largest litter at Bear Paw!

Pepper holds the record for the largest litter at Bear Paw Ranch. She once birthed 13 puppies! While we ended up losing two, the remaining 11 did wonderful and all found the most amazing homes (we really do have the best families, other breeders are jealous!). 

Previous Puppies

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