Bear Paw’s Jaster

14 March 2021

Jaster comes out of our strong line of dogs from Rusty & Reggie. He is Cleo’s littermate and we are incredibly happy that we kept him for our breeding program as a stud!!

Jaster reminds us of our foundation stud, Buster, not only is he similar in build and appearance, but he has the same balance of quirky personality mixed with the intensity of the perfect bird dog. 

Where Jaster’s an improvement to Buster is that he has a little more muscle, thanks to his dad, Rusty, who comes from more German bloodlines, which tend to be a little heavier. Not only did he get a little more muscle mass, but he has that smart nose like his daddy, as well as the more stable metabolism (Buster’s metabolism was so high, we were always throwing him more food). This makes Jaster a much easier keeper, which passes on to his pups. 

Color & Size

Jaster is a medium-sized GSP. He’s only 23″ at the shoulder and 55 lbs. He is well-muscled and agile. He is a liver roan, he can throw roan dogs and white dogs, with variations in ticking and patching.

Bird Instinct

Jaster is quite the bird dog. He loves to hunt all day in the yard. He’s always moving at a steady gait. While he loves birds, he also loves his people. When we are out in the yard, Jaster likes to hang around, he’s always near, but not in your face. He is also a gentleman with the other dogs, caring more about hunting than showing off with the other studs when he’s out. 


Jaster is gentle with the kids and responsive when called. He is great with the other dogs and isn’t big on challenging other dogs. He’s confident and this provides him a very stable constitution. He wants to be with you and loves to be involved. 

Buster, Rusty, & Reggie’s Legacy

Jaster and Cleo, were born from our last litter with Reggie & Rusty, her last two puppies, and they’re perfect. We hated retiring Reggie as her puppies were always a favorite amongst hunters, however, it was time. Jaster has turned into our premier stud and we are so grateful to carry on the legacy of Rusty & Reggie. He is the best continuation we could hope for, a throwback to both our studs, Buster & Rusty. 

Jaster's Sire Side Profile

He’s already started our new lines!

We love Jaster so much that we had to keep his daughter, Jeanie. We are looking forward to seeing what she produces starting in 2025!

Jeanie’s mom is Pepper and she has that perfect blend between the two. We are looking forward to her pups!


Previous Puppies from Jaster

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