Frequently Asked Questions

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What is up with the Black GSPs?

Black is a different color in GSPs. It is fully recognized by AKC, however, black GSPs cannot show in AKC Show Events. They can still compete in field trials, agility, dock diving, and any other events. 

Some people feel that black GSPs hunt better than liver GSPs, this is not the case, it is just a different color. Black is a dominant color in GSPs, therefore breeding a dog who is black should statistically yield 50% black puppies at a minimum, so it is quite easy to bring black into one’s lines. 

What is up with the Solid GSPs?

The solid gene in GSPs can be found in both black and liver GSPs as it is an independent trait. Genetically speaking, solid is a type of patching gene that covers the entire dog. Solid GSPs are considered rare by some, but they are just a different patching on GSPs. It is a dominant trait, so if one parent in a breeding pair is solid, statistically speaking 50% of the puppies will be solid.

Do you have Dilute-Colored GSPs?

We do not have any dilutes, nor will we breed for them. The dilute gene is frowned upon in the GSP community because it is related to less desirable traits that can negatively affect health. The dilutes will often be “lemons” a light brown color, almost orange, or a gray color, which is a diluted black. Dilutes cannot be registered as they are not recognized by AKC. 


Weimaraners all carry a dilute gene that makes them the steel gray color. In Weimaraners this is not an issue as it is not paired with the negative traits that accompany this gene in German Shorthairs. 

What if the color I want isn’t available?

You are never required to take a dog you are not 100% comfortable with. If you prefer to wait for another puppy from another litter in an effort to get your color of choice that is available to you.

We do highly encourage you to be flexible with your color selection because this provides us with more opportunity to match you with the perfect personality.

What is included in the Purchase of a Bear Paw Puppy?

Included in all Puppy Purchases:

  • AKC Registration (Limited/Full depending on buyer’s selection and amount paid)
  • Microchipping with an internationally recognized microchip (AKC Reunite), including chip registration fees
  • Tails Docked & Dewclaws Removed
  • 24 Month Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Puppy Pack to prepare you for the transition from the ranch to your home
  • 24-Hour Support from Bear Paw Ranch for the life of the dog and beyond
  • Discounted Boarding at Bear Paw Ranch
  • Facebook Community exclusively for buyers
  • Ability to be featured on the Bear Paw InstaFeature Account
Are the Dogs Microchipped?

Yes. All dogs are microchipped with a prepaid AKC Reunite Microchip. There is no cost to you, the buyer, to register the dog to your name. All puppies will have microchips registered to their new owners at pick up. 

Is Bear Paw Ranch, the breeder, on the microchip?

Although it has become popular for many breeders to put themselves on the microchip as the only contact, we feel this takes away from our Trust-Our-Buyers Policy. Therefore we put ourselves on the microchip as an alternate contact only, this means that in the event a dog is found and the primary contact is unavailable, they can contact us. We maintain a record of all microchipped puppies and can look up information for each puppy relatively quickly, making it easier to get your puppy back in the event he gets lost. 


**We are never upset about these phone calls, things happen and we are just glad we can help get dog and owner back together.

Are tails docked and dewclaws removed? Can I keep them natural?

All tails are docked and dewclaws are removed by us, the breeder. We do this for the safety and health of the dogs and it is not optional. The puppies are young when we do these things, so young that we cannot evaluate personalities prior to tail docking and dewclaw removal. 

Therefore, if you wanted a dog with a tail that is natural and dewclaws intact, we would not be able to align you with the right personality fit. We feel it is much more important to find and pair a dog to the right home based on personality, temperament, and drive rather than physical appearance (which is all you’d be able to use in your selection process at such a young age).

What is the Genetic Health Guarantee?

Our Genetic Health Guarantee covers all health issues stemming from congenital defects (genetic defects). If you suspect that your dog may have a health issue, please contact us so that we can work to achieve a solution together. We are a team in the matter. 

In over 400 puppies bred, we have yet to have our Genetic Health Guarantee be called in, however, in the event a genetic health issue arises we will work to make it right, whether that means helping you find an affordable solution, replacing your dog, or covering the expense.

Our guarantee is contingent upon evaluation with our kennel veterinarian. We place a high priority in breeding only dogs who meet our strict guidelines in both general health, physical structure, and temperament. As a result very few buyers have any health issues, however it is common for GSPs to be injured in their activities, so breeding sound dogs and feeding a quality nutritional diet is our best preventative to health issues. 

How long is the Genetic Health Guarantee good for?

We honor genetic health guarantees up to 24 months of age, through the second birthday.

Will anything void my Genetic Health Guarantee?

Breeding activities are not covered in the guarantee. The guarantee will also be void if the dog is spayed/neutered prior to 12 months of age. 

We know that sex hormones are required to properly form joints and bones and spaying/neutering prior to maturity can cause structural problems over time.

What is the difference between Full and Limited AKC Registration?

Full AKC Registration gives you breeding rights, while Limited AKC Registration does not allow any progeny to be registered. This does not prevent you from showing a limited dog. 

Am I required to spay/neuter my dog if I buy on a dog on a Limited AKC Registration Contract?

You are not required to spay or neuter a dog on a limited registration, however you will be unable to register any progeny (offspring) from the dog with AKC without a Full Registration.

The reason we do this is because we want you to make the decision to spay or neuter your dog based on what is best for your dog in your given situation. 

Having that said, I do feel that if you can keep a male dog intact (meaning you are able to prevent him from running off and wanting to breed every girl in the neighborhood) then I would keep him intact. As for the females, I don’t recommend keeping them intact forever if you aren’t planning on breeding. 

Unlike humans who have a menstrual cycle every month and shed the uterine lining, dogs only shed their lining when they have a litter. Because of this, every heat cycle that a bitch endures and doesn’t get bred will stack in her uterus. If she were to get bred for the first time as a 4-year-old, she would potentially have 5-6 linings stacked in her uterus. The linings make it difficult for the fertilized eggs to attach and the cervix loses its elasticity if it goes unused. What this means is that there is a high potential for puppies to be born malnourished and quite often results in a cesarean. This is quite expensive and REALLY expensive if it’s an oops litter and the puppies won’t help recover any costs. Worst of all it puts the mama dog at severe risk. 

Having that said, I highly recommend waiting to spay a bitch until she is over 1 year of age. In fact, that is in my contract, that spay before one year of age will void your health guarantee. The reason is that the hormones lost in a spay are very important in growing healthy bones and joints and so if you spay early you are depriving the dog of its needed healthy growth hormones. 

There are a few vets out there who will do a spay, but leave the ovaries, only taking the uterus, this is difficult in dogs because the ovaries are nearly inside the uterus and so its a procedure many vets are not comfortable with. 

Why the price difference between Limited and Full AKC Registration?

We don’t feel good breeders can just fall into breeding. It takes careful planning, lots of study, and a fair amount of preparation to do correctly. Because of this we feel it is important to know you are planning to breed when you pick out your puppy. Knowing your breeding intentions helps us to help you pick the perfect complement to your breeding program. It also places a higher priority on things like teat placement, tail set, and structure. These are all important to know ahead of time. 

By having a price difference we make sure to have the conversation about breeding prior to puppy selection. The price difference is enough to make it a decision and not a whimsical add-on, but it also is not so much to prohibit good breeders from being able to recover their investment in a quality breeding program. We also take extra care in evaluating puppies who are going on to be breeders, which is an extra time commitment for our kennel. 

What if I want to upgrade a Limited AKC Registration to a Full AKC Registration at a later time?

As the breeder we can change your registration from a Limited to a Full AKC Registration, after providing proof of passing health testing. We will handle all the paperwork and the fee is $1500.

Can I name my own dog?

Yes, you get to pick the name, however all dogs bred by Bear Paw Ranch will have the prefix “Bear Paw’s ” before your given name. 

Please understand that it is popular to name hunting dogs after famous gun manufacturers such as Ruger or Remington, these are wonderful dog names, but for registration purposes we will need a unique name and therefore you may need to add an adjective or a last name to your dog’s registered name if you pick one of the more popular names. We are able to help you with this if you like.

How do I register my dog?

All dogs are registered by us, Bear Paw Ranch, included in your purchase price. We pay for the registration. Once it’s complete, we transfer the dog to you via email and you’ll confirm your information, add your chosen name, and submit. There is no additional fee to you. 

Do I get a pedigree with my registration certificate?

A 3-Generation Pedigree with the AKC embossed emblem, is available for purchase, you’ll do this when you complete your registration.

Are the puppies weaned prior to coming home?

All puppies are started weaning at between 4-5 weeks of age and will be fully weaned by 6-7 weeks of age. This allows them to be completely on dry kibble prior to coming home. We do this so that there is less change from our ranch to your home and that makes things easier on the puppy’s transition.

Does my puppy come house broken?

All puppies live in an environment that encourages good housebreaking habits, however the full process of housebreaking will need to complete itself at your home. However we are always available for questions and troubleshooting. 

How long does it take to housebreak a puppy?

Most puppies will housebreak in a few days (3-7 days) with the full attention of their owners during that time, scheduling, and due diligence.  It will take several weeks for the puppy to be reliable without supervision. 

How much contact do I need to maintain with Bear Paw Ranch after I pick up my puppy?

You can have as little or as much contact with us as you desire. 

We love to hear stories, see pictures, and talk about your puppy with you. You are always welcome to call because after your puppy leaves our home to be a family member of your home, we move to a member of your dog team. We are there for support, questions, and concerns without judgement. We know you intend to do the best by your dog and we are there to assist you in that task. However, ultimately it is still your dog, and the decisions are yours. 

Does Bear Paw Ranch offer dog training?

We do not offer any training at this time, however we can recommend trainers in your area.

Can I board my dog at Bear Paw Ranch?

Yes. We offer discounted boarding for all dogs that were bred at Bear Paw Ranch. The cost for boarding is $20/night, including feed (if you want to feed what we feed), otherwise you can provide your own food. 

We can board your other non-Bear Paw dog for the cost of $25/night, again feed included.

What if I can no longer take care of my dog?

If you can no longer care for your dog we will take the dog back at any time, any age, in any condition, no questions asked. We will either rehome the dog or retire him at the ranch depending on what is best for the dog.

Do you mentor new breeders?

Yes, please contact Julie for more information on how to obtain mentorship.