Our Puppy Purchase Process

How Do You Get Your Perfect GSP from Bear Paw Ranch?
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The 3 Pillars of Finding the Perfect Pup

Breed Amazing Dogs

It all starts with breeding amazing dogs. We breed a dog who lives up to the standard of the breed, while also selecting for traits that help them adapt to the modern lifestyle of today.

Understand & support our buyers

We want you to be successful with your dog, which is why we take the time to fully understand what you need and want in a dog. What lifestyle you hope to have with the dog, so we can find you the perfect pup for you!

Match Family to the right puppy

Through understanding  our dogs, their differences, and our buyers and their desires, we can help align the perfect puppy with the perfect family. This has been the mark of our success for over a decade. If a puppy isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you.

What does a puppy cost?

Our puppies are generally $2100. We ask for a $600 deposit to secure your spot on our waitlist, after you review and sign our contract. We’ll work with you, understanding your needs and then help you select the right puppy. The final payment of $1500 is due at puppy pickup. 

Optionally, if you want first pick or breeding rights, our puppies are $3000, you’ll be asked for a $1000 deposit and $2000 due at pick up. This additional fee will bump you to the top of the list on the next litter, bypassing the waitlist; it cannot be used to bump ahead of people already slotted for a puppy on a litter that is born.

How does selection work?

Puppies are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis based on when the deposit was paid and the contract was signed, whichever comes last. We generally organize our waitlist by sex, asking that you choose male or female when jumping on the waitlist. 

Puppies begin to show personalities around 4-5 weeks of age, which is when we start selection and sorting. We will give you our temperament analysis in combination with your ideals in a dog. That’ll help us narrow your selection down to the best 2-3 puppies for you to choose from. We’ll give you pros and cons and estimated final size.

The final choice of which puppy you want is yours to make. We will never send you home with a dog you don’t want. If nothing you like is available, we generally bump you to the next litter, retaining your position on the waitlist.

Happy Puppies

Happy Families

Years in Business

Health Guarantees Called in

What’s Included?


Every breeder does things a little different, but here’s what we include with the purchase of your puppy.

Our goal is to give you the best start and keep things simple. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and we are always looking to make things better and easier for you! This is why we have put the time in to do the following things, they all help the transition into getting a puppy.

We know that getting a new puppy is fun, but can also be a little daunting, this is why we have lots of emails and a puppy guide you can listen to to help you get to the part where your puppy is enjoyable, and not just work. It should be fun, our goal is to make it a reality for you!

AKC Registration

Our dogs all come with limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights), we pay for the registration, but you get to select the name! Full AKC breeding rights are available for an additional price, but it comes with first pick in the litter.

Lifetime Support

I’m always here to help you. You can always contact me and I’ll be on your team to find a solution. I don’t expect perfection, I know these dogs can be a little…quirky. My goal is to help you find a flow with your puppy that works with your life, so it’s positive for all!


We use a simple contract. Our goal with our contract is to help you understand what you can expect from us and what we hope you’ll follow through on with your pupppy. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll ask you to review and sign before placing a deposit.

Email Puppy Prep Series

We’ve written a series of emails, with links, to help you get started with you puppy, everything from figuring out dog food, where to get it, and what to feed, to deworming, to housetraining, and much more!

Audio Puppy Guide

Most of our buyers are driving a little ways to get to us, it’s an easy drive. Instead of giving you a million things to read, we recorded an audio puppy guide for you to listen to. It helps you understand the 5 Pillars of Successful Dog Ownership.

Tails Docked & Dewclaws removed

We dock tails and remove dewclaws in accordance with breed standard. We’ve seen a lot of discussion over this and feel it is the right answer for our families, having a dog that is easier to manage and more likely to be taken everywhere with you!

Herbal Dewormer

After trying both chemical and natural deworming products, we’ve opted to use natural dewormer. We have found it more effective as a dewormer, but also doesn’t have any of the negative side effects often seen from chemical dewormers.


We microchip all of our puppies with an internationally recognized microchip. This is prepaid and good for life, no subscriptions for you! We will put the microchip in your name when you pick up the puppy, so you are covered from the start!


Vaccinations are complete as are age-appropriate for the puppy. We have careful vaccination protocol that we developed with our vet. We even have a handout to help you understand the window of susceptibility and when your puppy is safe with vaccines.

Ready to Join the Bear Paw Family?

The best way to start the process is with the puppy application. There are no right or wrong answers. It's designed to help us better understand what you are looking for in a dog, so we can align you with the perfect puppy for you!