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Female – Liver ROAN; PATCHED & TICKED – $1500

Temperament, Health, & Size

Rogue is a beautiful girl. She’s structurally amazing and has a smaller build, I anticipate she’ll be in the mid-40 lb range, only about 21″ at the shoulder.

She easily glides over the ground, enjoying the yard. While she’s still full of puppy energy, she isn’t chaotic, she just wants to explore, constantly eager to learn more. 

Bird Drive & Training

Because of her brain and confidence she’ll be able to do anything. When she sees birds, she’s locked on them, she will be incredible in the field if you want her as a hunter. 

When she’s in the crate she’s pretty calm, sleeps easy. She likes people and she wants to please. 

Activity & Lifestyle

She would be most happy in a family where she’s involved in the day-to-day of the family. She’ll be fine if you work and want to leave her in the backyard, but loves interaction with people. She’s good with the kids, enjoying hanging with them, especially when they have food 😉. She doesn’t need other dogs around to be happy and will be content as an only dog.

When I have her running in the yard, she likes to check in with me for some loving (particularly loving when I rub her soft ears), then she’s good and goes back to entertaining herself with the yard, the birds, and all the smells. 

Patient, calm, & People Loving

Rogue is very smart. She really reads the room, watching, evaluating, and deciding how to engage. She reminds me so much of Reggie, her sire’s mom. 

She will make an incredible hunter if you’re looking for a bird dog. She already knows what she’s doing, she’ll just need a little training so the two of you can figure out a way to communicate in the field.

Rogue doesn’t need much, a little room to run, some people to hang out with, and she’s happy. She’s an easy keeper, loves her food, but won’t be prone to overeating. 

While she’ll go in water, she isn’t seeking it out. I imagine she’ll love the lake, but won’t be diving in your pool all the time. 

She adores the flirt pole (really handy game with a horse whip and toy attached to it that they can stalk), and she beats me at it a lot! 

She’ll be able to learn anything you want to teach her, she’s very biddable. 

Are you the lucky one whose backyard Rogue will call home?


Socks – Available

Spayed Female – solid Liver – $500

Temperament, Health, & Size

Socks is a happy dog. She is an easy-keeper with good hips and elbows. She has the most stable constitution in the entire breeding program. She isn’t prone to stress, and does very well on good dog food. She has that soft, dense liver coat that you don’t find in ticked dogs. She does well with other dogs, not too much phases her.

She is about 48 Ibs, 22″ at the shoulder, an easy size to take with you anywhere.


Socks is crate trained, does well on the leash, and is great in the car. She is trained to finish leftovers, especially from sticky kid fingers, and her soft ears rival any sensory toys you could buy.

Activity & Lifestyle

Socks is a happy dog. She’s confident, athletic, and loves to run around the yard and check things out. Inside the house she just likes to sit at your feet, loving to chew on a bone or some rawhide. She can go all day or she can relax all day, she’s a versatile girl.

She does great with kids, teens, or adults. She can be in the middle of chaos or in the quiet, she’s happy either way.
She’s happy to accompany without interfering.

Ultimate Cuddler

I knew we needed to keep Socks for our breeding program when she was a little puppy about six weeks old. She had look to her, processing what was going on with the other dogs, thinking they were strange for all their puppy antics, as she was always watching, studying, and learning.

She is a great girl, comes when called, tail wagging, happy to see you. She does well with a doggy door and is real easy in the house.

She’s retired at the ranch and, despite not wanting to let her go, she’s bored here with all the young puppies. She would love to spend all day with you, but she’s independent enough that you can leave and she’ll take a nap. She won’t push your buttons, instead she’s the perfect companion for watching a movie or going on a roadtrip. 

I don’t let dogs in my bed, but she would probably take you up on it if you offered.

Let me know if you’d love to have this easy-going, quirky girl grace your life.