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How the Stud Service Process Works at Bear Paw Ranch

Evaluate Your Female

It all starts with evaluating your female and seeing where her strengths and opportunities for improvment are. Maybe she has a shoulders, but you wish her butt had a little better muscle. Other times you want to add variety of color or size.

Once you know what to improve, you can select the correct, complementary stud. This is why not every stud will be the right stud for you! 

Evaluate Your Stud Options

Now that you know what you’d like to improve, you can look at which stud will give you the best chance of improving those areas, while also retaining the strengths of your female. 

You can also elect to alter size, color, or bird drive with the right stud selection. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with which stud we recommend for your girl based on the qualities and traits that are a priority for you!

Test for Brucellosis

Brucellosis is a zoonotic (can jump from species to species) infection that can cause miscarriage and stillbirth in mammals. It can be picked up from livestock. It operates like a dog STD, being transferred during mating. 

Because this can make it impossible to get a healthy litter, but also become cause to remove a stud from a breeding program, we require all females to be tested within 30 days of being serviced. It takes about a week for the blood test, so please plan ahead!

How It Works

Once you are know you’d like to use one our studs for stud service, then you’ll want to fill out our stud service application form. It helps us prepare if we know your female is in heat. We also recommend that you give us a heads up when she starts bleeding so we can make sure you have time to get the brucellosis test as well as time meeting with us. 

Once she is ready to breed you can bring her down to the ranch for up to 7 days. We will provide her with an hour of contact each day to your stud of choice and we will photograph any ties and send them to you. 

Your female will be otherwise separated from other dogs while in our care, this protects her as dogs are not always themselves when in heat. You’re welcome to bring whatever food you are feeding, prenatal vitamins, etc. 

After three days of ties or she is past her fertile window and the stud is no longer interested, we’ll have you pick her up. We’ll provide you an estimated due date. 


What does Stud Service cost?

Stud service costs $1200 and is paid in two parts, $600, the first half, is due at the time you drop off your female for service and the remainder is due prior to us approving stud service for your litter with AKC. 

We do not offer the exchange of a puppy for the price of stud service. 

In the event your female does not take after the first breeding, we will offer a second breeding at no additional charge, even if you want to change the female you used. 



How Do AKC Papers Work with an outside stud?

Papers are pretty easy from the AKC standpoint. You’ll register the litter with your female and we’ll give you the information you need to select our stud as the sire of the litter. From that point, AKC will send us an email asking us to approve that we did indeed service your female and are the sire to the litter. Once we approve, your litter will be confirmed with AKC and you can move forward with registering individual puppies. 

In our contract we only allow ourselves 10 days to approve papers so you can move forward with your buyers without delay. 


What’s Included?


Every breeder does things a little different, but here’s what we include when you choose to do stud service with a Bear Paw Stud. 

My goal is to help you as you need it, but to respect your autonomy and desire to do things as you like. I’m here as a stable support and with high-quality studs, sure to give you the quality of puppies you’re looking for. 

I know it can be a little daunting getting stud service for your girl, we try to make it as simple as possible. 

AKC Registration

We will provide you registration numbers and approve your litter within 10 days of being notified by AKC. Our stud dogs have their DNA on file with AKC, so your litter registration will never be held up!

Breeding Support

I’m always here to help you. You can always contact me and I’ll help you find a solution for your breeding situation. After having whelped over 80 litters, I have been through the wringer and can support you in the process. 


We use a simple contract to govern our stud arrangement. This way you can rest assured that I’ll hold up my end of the deal with AKC Registration, so your puppies are worth more when you sell.

Additional support if you like!


I can assist you with the following services if you prefer. I have found my buyers are much happier when their pups have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed. It makes the puppies easier to work with around children, less knocking kids over and catching those dewclaws on your hips when they jump up for a little loving. 

I offer tail docking and dewclaw removal as well as microchipping and vaccinating for an additional fee of $75/puppy plus travel. Travel is charged at $0.75/mile round trip (minimum $25), which is approximately $150 if you live in the Phoenix area, $100 in Tucson, or about $25 if you’re local to Sierra Vista/Hereford. 


Tails Docked & Dewclaws removed

We dock tails and remove dewclaws in accordance with breed standard. We have found a quick and effective method that’s as painless as possible. Our vet even told us she liked it better than what she learned in veterinary school!

Herbal Dewormer

After trying both chemical and natural deworming products, we’ve opted to use natural dewormer. We can provide you with enough dewormer to get you through your litter and help you with the routine and scheduling of deworming. Save your puppy buyers the problem of loose stools!


We can microchip all of your puppies with prepaid microchips from AKC Reunite. You’ll have them chipped and ready to register when your puppy buyers come to pick them up! Give your buyers and yourself peace of mind that none of your dogs will be lost. They’ll always find their way back to you!


We have vaccinations on hand at all times with strict vaccination protocols. We can vaccinate your puppies for you, during their final week with you. This way you can save the risks associated with contracting Parvo at the vet’s office as well as preventing unnecessary stress on your puppies!

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